Grand Opening!

Robin's Refuge was a dream made into reality. 

What started as a fairytale idea as a young girl, stayed with me through to adulthood. While planning my future, running a sanctuary was always in my thoughts, however the realist in me felt it would be many years before this dream came to fruition. However over the last year, opportunity came knocking and made this sanctuary possible, much sooner than I had anticipated.

With a great deal of preparation, and the immediate outpouring of support from family, friends and my community - I am thrilled to announce the official opening of Robin's Refuge. 

Our mission statement reads: 

"Robin's Refuge is a non profit organization dedicated to providing lifelong sanctuary to exploited and abused farm animals. The animals in our care will never again know pain, isolation or mistreatment, and will come to understand love, freedom and peace.

We are committed to advocating for these animals through public education. We strive to teach humane treatment of animals, alternative lifestyle options that include more environmentally friendly choices and to remove the ignorance that surrounds animal based industries.

Robin's Refuge is a sanctuary where the animals are in control of their own lives. Given freedom of space and confines, the choice to choose their friendships and live without exploitation, our residents are individuals. They will never again be cogs in a machine."

My hope with this sanctuary is to bring a greater awareness to the animals used in farm production today. It is time our society stops looking at animals as mechanical objects, rather than the living, feeling, emotional beings they are. 

Animals may not communicate in a vocal language we understand, however when we stop talking and simply listen, they will communicate with us in ways we never imagined. 

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." - Martin Luther King Jr. 

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  1. This is so amazing!! So very proud of you and happy to help in any way possible.


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