How You Can Help

There are LOT'S of ways you can help the animals!


Love being around animals but aren't in a position to adopt? Robin's Refuge is always looking for a helping hand around the sanctuary! Whether it's mending the fences, or doling out belly rubs for the pigs, there is always something to be done! View our Facebook page to view upcoming Volunteer Work Days or Contact Us for more information!


Our primary focus at the sanctuary is to provide loving forever homes to our residents, and to aid in the rescue of more farmed animals. Due to the constant need of hay, animal feed, veterinary funds and emergency planning, we operate on a tight budget! You can donate in many ways such as participating in Current Fundraisers, becoming a monthly sponsor, mailing a cheque of any amount or sending unused goods and supplies to the sanctuary! View our current Wish List here.

Spread the Word

Community plays a pivotal role in the success of a sanctuary! A great way you can support us is by spreading the word with family, friends and neighbors. Find us on Facebook and on Instagram (username "Robin's Refuge") and share our page and photo's on your social media. Together we can reach a larger audience to raise more awareness for the animals!

Consume Less

Try participating in the worldwide movement, Meatless Monday. Choosing to leave meat off the plate just one day a week is good for your health and digestive system, conserves water, and save's the life of an animal!

For those who want to up their commitment to living a more sustainable life, go Vegetarian or Vegan! PETA offers fantastic free starter kits to offer you the support necessary to begin the transition.

When you do consume animal products, do so responsibly. Look for "Ocean Wise" labels on seafood, choose local farm fresh eggs over mass produced factory farms and opt for organic local meat where the animal was provided with as natural a life as possible. Becoming aware of what you eat and making small changes in your daily life can lead up to big results for your health and the animals!