Meet The Residents


The heart and soul of our sanctuary, Ludwig is very much the co-founder of this operation. Bringing the light back into Julia's life after a couple years off from horseback riding, Ludwig pushed Julia to improve upon and deepen her knowledge and skills with horses. He was the inspiration for Julia to help other animals, and has always offered unwavering strength and love. Being raised as a racehorse, Ludwig never learned proper socialization skills and therefore had difficulties connecting with other equines. It wasn't until his horse brothers joined our family in October of 2013 that he discovered what having a herd of his own was like. Due to former injuries from his racetrack life, Ludwig now enjoys an early retirement where he is pampered with cuddles, surrounded by love from horses and humans alike and has constant turnout to a large pasture where he can feel free. 


Facing one of the most horrific cases of abuse I have ever witnessed, Bella perseveres with an unshakable braveness and passion for life. Originally a wild pony off the reserves in Saskatchewan, Bella is fiercely independent and highly instinctual. Rarely seeking out companionship in other animals, she found friendship in Rapunzel and an everlasting bond in her son Brego. Despite her reluctance to trust, Bella remains a gentle spirit with a loving maternal nature. She is often found watching over Rapunzel and Brego, foraging for food or sunbathing. We are so thankful to provide Bella with a permanent loving home, where she will never know the pain of being separated from her son.


Mini horse, massive heart! Rapunzel is the very essence of her name, a beautiful little princess. Having a rough start at life, Rapunzel now tackles each day with fearlessness, excitement and a lot of sass. She will follow you anywhere for a treat, and maintains a trusting nature, despite the hardships she has faced. For such a young horse, Rapunzel is wise beyond her years. She is loyal to her herd and never strays too far. Rapunzel enjoys lounging in the shade of pine trees, rubbing her tush against the fence line and playing with her best pal, Brego.


Born on the home front, Brego is a zesty and energetic little stud! Exuding confidence in himself, he charges head on into any task asked of him, and is always giving 100%. Brego is closely bonded with Rapunzel, who oversaw his birth, and his mother Bella. We are so honored to watch Brego's family ties remain intact for the rest of his days, a relationship most horse's will never experience. When Brego is not chasing off after the larger horses, he loves to wade into the pond to munch on cattails, lounge in the sun and tease his aunty Rapunzel. He is a wonderful protector for his herd, and is never afraid to take on a challenge.


Bred for speed, stamina and strength, Benjamin was trained and raced from the time he was two. After Ben had found his way to us at the young age of three, he had a rocky start to a slower paced lifestyle. Following an outburst, Julia knew that Ben needed time to unwind and focus on being a young horse. In allowing Ben to act his age and socialize with other horses, we watched him dissolve the emotional barriers he had built and become the sweetest, most cuddle bug of a horse that he is today. Ben is the leader of his heard and handles his position with a firm but kind hoof. He is always the first horse to come running for scratches and loves to nuzzle his face against people in request of kisses.


The oldest of his thoroughbred brothers, Sampson is the level headed yet playful member of the heard. Embodying bravery and courage, he will often stand his ground when spooked, and always protects his brothers before himself. Sampson's outer beauty is met with an inner beauty that shines brightly from within his eyes. He is incredibly playful, often chasing Harrison around the field, dunking his head in the water trough to splash his brothers or bobbing his head up and down to ask for neck scratches.


The baby of the group, Harrison is a living embodiment of a teddy bear. Harrison is both gentle and spunky, playing the role of baby brother with expertise. Despite his racehorse breeding, his gallop is a hilarious spectacle as you watch all four legs moving in opposite directions. With a site like that, it wasn't hard to understand why the racehorse industry found no use for him. Thankfully, we immediately saw a different kind of potential in Harrison, and brought him home to the sanctuary. Harrison attacks life with vigor and unlimited energy. He can often be seen rolling in the dirt, chasing after Rapunzel and running wildly through the pastures.


Without question, Buddy is the gentlest and purest soul to ever walk this earth. Smaller than his younger brother, Buddy is also a potbellied pig born in June of 2013. His kindness is evident in everything he does, and the calmness he radiates spreads throughout a room. Buddy has outstanding manners, never rushing through his meals, waiting his turn to exit a room and always offering the sweetest of kisses. Buddy enjoys belly rubs, flopping in his mudhole on a hot day, routing around outside and tidying his bedroom. When new pig residents began to join the family, Buddy had a difficult time adjusting. He has always been a one person pig, and finding himself in situation where there were more pigs than people was foreign to him. Though slowly over time, we have watched Buddy open up and accept his pig friends. And as winter begins to make way into spring, we have watched Buddy return to his old antics of digging in the straw, spending hours making his bed just right, and chasing after the youngsters when they get out of line! 


Our resident comedian, Billy, is a lively and outspoken potbellied pig! Born in September of 2013, Billy now weighs in at a sturdy 250lbs. His joyous outlook on life is infectious, never shying away from affection and gladly accepting cuddles of every kind. Billy is never afraid to speak his mind with loud snorts and grunts, both when satisfied or displeased. His favorite activities include blowing bubbles in the pool, scratching his belly on fallen logs, and convincing everyone around him to feed him treats! Billy has handled each new pig's arrival with open hooves, and a wet snout kiss. He has flourished among his new friends, and still enjoys playing watch dog when anyone feels out of sorts. Despite being the largest of our pigs, Billy remains a gentle soul and always sees the good in everyone.


Our resident senior citizen, Willis, came to us from a severe case of isolation and neglect. Having lived the past year in the confines of a tarped shed, he withdrew into himself as a way to cope with his loneliness and lack of care. After trimming his hooves (which resembled genie slippers), sawing back his tusks (which had grown so long they were cutting into his cheeks) and putting him on a diet of vitamin packed pellets, as well as fresh produce, we have begun to watch him blossom. After some intensive therapeutic work with our natural healer, Willis began to express himself once again. He has learned to socialize with the other pigs; bonding to our youngest piglets, Norman and Olivia. The life is slowly returning to Willis' eye's, and with each pound he shed's his energy returns. We cannot wait to see what the future holds, as we provide Willis with the retirement care he deserves!


The youngest of the group at just 10 months old, Olivia is a never ending source of energy, cuddles, and laughs! Having fallen victim to the Micro Mini Pig trend, she had been shuffled around to four different homes in just six months of her life, before finding a responsible guardian who did her research and ultimately decided that due to her housing situation, Olivia would have the best possible life at our sanctuary, among her own. In her time with us Olivia has absolutely blossomed. She has grown incredibly attached to her best friend and now brother, Norman, whom she spends her days with, rooting in the straw, digging in the hay pile and scavenging for any snacks she can get her snout on! Olivia was separated from her mother too early, and therefore has some behavioural issues. However, with the addition of Matilda to the sanctuary, Olivia quickly found herself with a surrogate mother, and the two could not be closer. There is nothing more beautiful than watching Olivia grow into a confident and happy pig, with her family at her side. 


By just looking at him, you would never guess that Norman is over a year old. Kept in a basement apartment, Norman was deprived of the outdoors, and most behaviours that came natural to him. Fed a diet of cat food, his body has stunted in growth and his skin and hair quality reflect the damage inflicted to him. Since arriving at the sanctuary, Norman has let go of a lot of anger issues and learned to coexist with the other pigs. On a diet of quality potbelly pig food, in addition to fresh fruit and vegetables, Norman's skin is beginning to heal and his bristles are starting to grow in. While Norman had the most difficult time adjusting to the other pigs, he now finds himself surrounded by love. He has fallen head over heals in love with Olivia, whom he sleeps with each and every night. As well, he has grown to look up to Matilda as a mother figure and often runs to her for comfort and cuddles. When allowed the freedom to be himself, Norman has blossomed and become the sweetest and gentlest boy around, and we are eager to watch him grow and mature in a loving environment. 


Peace and balance was brought to the sanctuary, when this beautiful girl joined our family. Being five years old and an unspayed female, Matilda quickly integrated herself as a quiet leader. While she never pushes any of the other pigs around, she clearly owns her space and expects respect as she gives it. Matilda's past is somewhat foggy, however from what we were told she was once a loving and doted on house pet, before being discarded when the children moved away from home. At Matilda's replacement home she was kept on her own, often fed chicken feed and left without drinking water. It was at this home that she was also violently attacked on two separate occasions by a pack of dogs. As a result, both of her ears are scared and missing large pieces of skin. Yet, despite her tragic past, Matilda is a beacon of love and light. She accepts friendship and warmth from anyone around her, and continues to place her trust in both humans and other animals. Matilda has strong maternal instincts and quickly flocked to Norman and Olivia. She has now taken on the role as their surrogate mother and is often found napping nearby their play area, or curling up to them at night. If ever one of the youngsters squeals in fear or annoyance, Matilda is instantly by their side comforting them. Our entire sanctuary has benefited from the peaceful energy Matilda brings, and we are eternally thankful she has found safety with us. 


This troublesome twosome found there way to us as three month old kittens. Bundles of cuddles and crazy, Tommy and Charlie have quickly grown into friendly and happy juveniles. Recently honing their hunting skills, they take their new found responsibility very seriously and work round the clock to ensure the barn stays rodent free. In their off time, they can be found cuddled up on someone's lap, basking in the sun for hours or hopping a ride on the backs of the potbellied pigs. These little men can rest easy knowing they will never be displaced again.

Honorable Mention
While these four legged family members are not officially sanctuary residents since they live in Julia's personal home, they are very much a part of the family and cannot go unmentioned!


What began as a stray cat that turned up on our acreage years ago, turned out to be a lovable and affectionate member of our family. Houdini is more dog than cat, always greeting people at the door, sleeping in the basket next to Gracie and meowing in unison with the dogs barking during dinner preparation. Houdini loves to play parrot as well, his favorite perch being on top of someone's shoulders. He never turns down a good chin scratch and despite his nocturnal instincts, will gladly come to bed in order to stay with the family.


What Gracie may lack in size, she more than makes up for in heart. Dubbed "Momma G", Gracie accepted the matriarchal role of the family almost immediately. She is quiet and reserved, rarely seeking out attention, but is a secret cuddle monkey. Gracie has overcome many difficulties in her life such as epilepsy and hip dysplasia, but does not allow her physical limitations to overcome her. She loves nothing more than to lounge in her basket, is never one to turn away a snack and is always first at the stairs to go to bed in the evening.


Portia the pug has the purest of hearts. She is the jokester of our dog pack, running in circles around the other pups, howling when someone walks through the door and leaping through the air to give kisses. Portia has also faced difficulties with an injured knee which required surgery, severe asthma as well as going blind in one eye. However in spite of Portia's disabilities, she has never allowed it to dampen her spirit. Portia is simply the happiest girl who doesn't let anything get her down.


The closest creature to a cow currently on the farm, Henry is a big and beautiful Saint Bernard! Henry is the exact description of a gentle giant. His goofy and lovable demeanor makes him an instant friend to anyone, especially when they offer belly rubs! Henry loves to spend his mornings at the barn running through the fields, cuddling up to the kittens and patrolling the grounds for coyotes. He is the sweetest dog to have lived and fiercely protects his family, both two and four legged.